2018 marks for 200th Anniversary of Frankenstein!  Now I know you are thinking what do monsters have to do with pretty tea rooms? Well, books and tea go together like milk & honey and in days of old “tea salons” were popular soirees where people would gather for tea and listen to poetry and prose.  So it is with much excitement that we welcome ‘Mary Shelley’ who will read excerpts from her famous novel…and it gives us all a chance to dress up in our favorite Victorian costumes!

Mary Shelley was 20 years old when her book Frankenstein was published. After becoming a widow at 23 she provided for herself and her son with writing. She and her work ‘Frankenstein’ are more well known than both her parents and husband, all of whom were famous writers in their time.

Mary joins us courtesy of ACT. ACT Inc. is a 501(c)(3) educational charity that connects the arts and the curriculum in the school classrooms. By using the arts to connect with the curriculum, students become exposed to the arts while learning about science, math, literature, reading, or history.

Brilliant!  So make a date to bring aspiring young students (and old ones) to hear Mary Shelley as she reads from her famous novel.

Date:  Sunday, September 9
Time: 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Cost: $50.00

Space is limited,  RSVP 480-488-4812

Dress Code (optional):  Gothic, Victorian
Includes: ‘Book signing’, Formal Afternoon Tea and Readings/Interview with Mary Shelley.

50% of all proceeds go to support ACT, bringing live theater to the classroom to encourage a greater understanding of literary classics.